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I'll tell a tale
A short tale if you like
Of two lovers
Would you like the beginning, middle, or end first? I'll start with the end
They lived happily ever after
Now that you have an idea of the end
We'll go to the beginning And then there were two
Nkechi and Tayo
The oddest combination.
Nkechi's father was a palmwine tapper
Known within the four towns of Akanu for his fresh wine. Tayo was the son of the first man in the village to go abroad
Never mind that where he went was Ghana.
He was said to be exposed.
He was revered. Nkechi was a sight for sore eyes.
A beauty to behold
Tayo was tall and dark
The girls in Akanu called him ravishing
How they know this is beyond me
For I am a mere storyteller. They met one evening at the local church
Nkechi was in a hurry to rush back to her father
Tayo was talking with his friends
When all of a sudden....
You like story shaOya I will tell you
Nkechi tapped Tayo on his shoulder thinking he was her friend Charles.
He t…

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